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Unvaccinated Grateful for Dedicated On-site Service

Regardless of vaccination status, Trinity ensures that everyone has the opportunity to be ministered to, and discipled.

By Julie Teo

A new year and a new service for the unvaccinated was made available on January 1, 2022, working within current safe management advisories.

“Worshipping online is not the same as being on-site,” shared A.D. “We’re so glad we can still attend service on-site.”

Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo had made the announcement through a video message sent to all church members on December 29. This is to ensure that everyone can be ministered to, and discipled.

He reiterated, “Coming on-site is so important, and is the corporate theology of the house.” He encouraged all members to attend services on-site as much as possible. And the response from the unvaccinated was one of gratitude.

“We appreciate the opportunity that Trinity has created for us to attend worship service on-site,” said Amy.

The unvaccinated service caters to families with young children. DiscoveryLand classes run concurrently for ages four to 12. So, while parents attend service, junior gets to enjoy his own service too.

A number of first-time visitors were so delighted to find a church where the unvaccinated could go to worship. A couple was so excited that they made their way to service after being told 25 minutes before service began.

“While there are no simple answers to the uncertainties of the present situation, we can still trust God who holds the future,” said Deputy Lead Pastor Gerald Tan at the inaugural service. He assured the congregation that the church is doing everything possible to support their faith.

The surprising announcement of an additional service for the unvaccinated starting Friday (January 14) at 8pm was met with enthusiastic applause. This weeknight service, which replaces Fabulous Friday service, does not have concurrent DiscoveryLand classes.

Vaccination status doesn’t define us, as a child of God, nothing can separate us from the love of God. We are thankful that on-site services are within reach for all believers, regardless of vaccination status.

(Names mentioned in the article are not their real names.)


About the writer – Julie, a Trinitarian for over 20 years raised two children with her wonderful husband, is a CG co-leader and loves hosting guests at home.

Know someone who is unvaccinated? Share this link with them for booking of seats

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