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We Love You, Dads

Often typecast as tough, we got moms and kids to secretly film dads in their true element.

By Kristine Lee

Cold. Silent. Aloof. Authoritative. These are words often used to describe dads, especially dads who are now granddads. But what's behind the tough exteriors?

We got some moms to secretly catch their husbands interacting with their kids. But how did they manage to pull it off? We spoke to two moms.

"I just pretended to be playing games on my phone. Our children knew about our task so they kept it a secret and co-operated by distracting him." - Phebe Deng

"For us, taking a video is very normal. We like to collect memories so my husband did not suspect anything." - Alice Tan

Unveiling the hearts of the dads:

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Reflect & Respond

  • What is one thing you are thankful for your dad for?

  • What is one interaction between you and your dad that you hold close to your heart?

  • What is one interaction with our heavenly Father that you treasure?



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