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Weekend to Remember

Worship Weekend, Apr 19-21.

By Julie Teo

Worship Weekend led by John Wilds and his team wasted no time in ushering Trinitarians in posturing themselves in reverence, pouring out in adoring song and praise to God!

A Packed Sanctuary


It began on April 19, Friday with Worship Encounter. Approximately about an hour before the event, lines started to form. The sanctuary opened earlier than usual, much to the delight of the early birds, and the mezzanine was filled quickly.

The atmosphere was electrifying and although many of us came not knowing what to expect, there was an anticipation and willingness to be led into a time of sincere worship and outpouring of blessing to God.

There was an anticipation and willingness to be led into a time of sincere worship and outpouring of blessing to God.

The mood shifted from excitement to intense worship.  It was as if we were rehearsing for Revelation 4:10-11 where we, the saints, before the throne of God, wholly committed to worship and cast our crowns before Him in reverence.

A Trinitarian said, “I was looking forward to corporately worshipping at this event. I sang with gusto, putting a lot of energy into it.  Despite the air-conditioned sanctuary, I started to perspire.”


Basking in His Presence: A Miracle Occurs

Amid the worship, John Wilds declared, “Singapore! God is not done with you. He is here to meet your needs, to heal you, to deliver you, and to set you free.”  Upon hearing his proclamation, many Trinitarians responded in conviction by going forward to receive prayer, believing for God encounter at the altar.

It was a beautiful experience soaking in His presence.


Magdalene of Area 5 shared:

“I attended the event with a painful throat and had pretty much lost my voice. Without a working voice, I persisted in worshipping with my whole being.

Although I was in the crowded sanctuary, I was focused on giving my all to an audience of One, my Lord Jesus!

As I was deep in worship, my body began to feel light and easy, and I felt no pain. It was a beautiful experience soaking in His presence!”

The Worship Encounter carried on into the Worship Experience the next two days.

A Worship Leader Reflects

Sister Megumi Chua, worship leader and ministerial staff of Trinity, was a part of the congregation that weekend and relished being led into worship. She shared, “God has brought me into the inner courts of His presence and taught me how to lead His people there. I know it is a big blessing to steward my gifts in the house."

Exhortation by Lead Pastor Gerald Tan

To Pastor Gerald Tan, the worship experience is a glimpse of heaven.  He quoted from 1 Chronicles 16:25: For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and He is to be feared above all gods, and Isaiah 43:2, the people whom I formed for Myself that they might declare My praise. He exhorted us, “God has created us to worship Him here on earth and for all of eternity in heaven!”

The worship experience is a glimpse of heaven.


Pastor Gerald reminded Trinitarians that the worship experience would not end with this weekend and that the presence and glory of God goes with us. The power and anointing will be with our family, in our schools, in our workplaces, and in our community.  He encouraged us to walk in the fullness of God’s grace as we embrace His presence. 

He concluded with the reading of Ezekiel 37:1-10, saying, “There is breath where the Spirit of God is. When we worship the Living God, life begins to flow”. He urged us, Trinitarians, to be a living sacrifice unto the Lord, by devoting ourselves to worship God in every dimension of our lives.


Amen! This Worship Weekend may be over, but our posture of worship remains. Even when the music fades and the hustle and bustle of life resumes, let us continue to offer our enthusiastic worship to the King of kings and Lord of Lords for He is worthy, worthy, worthy!

Do you have a testimony to share about how God has blessed or ministered to you through this Worship Weekend? Send in your testimony via to bless and encourage others!

Go to Trinity Christian Centre's Youtube channel for Friday's Worship Encounter and other Trinity in Worship videos. May it lead you into more God encounters.


About the Author

Julie Teo Loves to get together with family and friends and enjoys having them over for meals at her home. She co-leads in Area 4 and serves in other ministries.


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