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You Can Have an Abundant Life!

After three years, Life Conference is finally back on-site. Take hold of the abundant life at Life Conference 2022, less than two weeks away!

By Daniel Pang

Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo declared that 2022 will be a year of God’s restoration. A key element of this restoration is Life Conference 2022. In the past two years, Life Conference was hosted entirely online. This year, however, the event is returning on-site. To be held on June 2 and 3, the Day Sessions and Night Rallies will feature an international line-up of speakers who will share how to enjoy God’s abundant life!

Anticipate face-to-face interactions and powerful God-encounters with your spiritual family and guest speakers.

Pastor Foo Yoong Heng, Conference Chairperson, is exuberant about it. He believes that attendees can look forward to "face-to-face interactions and powerful God-encounters with their spiritual family and the speakers in Trinity."

Six power-packed plenary sessions helmed by four anointed speakers will cover different aspects of God’s restoration, with the opening and closing sessions by our very own Pastor Dominic. Pastor Yoong Heng is confident that as “attendees hear from the speakers, they will witness God’s complete restorative work in and through their lives.”

Six power-packed plenaries

1. Comeback from Setbacks | Thu, Jun 2, 10.45am-12pm

Learn how your greatest setbacks can become your greatest comebacks. Rev Ong Sek Leang, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Malaysia and Senior Pastor of Metro Tabernacle, will impart powerful truths to aid us in regaining wholeness in Christ.

2. Harvest the Fruitful Life | Thu, Jun 2, 2-3:30pm

Desire to live life to the fullest? Pastor Gerald Tan, Deputy Lead Pastor of Trinity, will unearth dynamic perspectives that can help us bear fruit unto God like never before.

3. Healthy Me, Better Together | Thu, Jun 2, 3:30-5pm

Forge forward with great power and unity. Bishop Philip Kitoto, General Superintendent of Kenya Assemblies of God and Senior Pastor of International Christian Centre, will equip us with the right tools to cultivate healthy relationships with God and others.

4. Compelled with Fresh Vision | Fri, Jun 3, 9-10:30am

New vision will change your life forever. Rev Ong will help us regain God’s clear vision for our lives so that we can live purposeful and fulfilled lives. You will find newfound passion for God’s perfect plans for your life and His Church!

5. Blessed for Holy Work | Fri, Jun 3, 10:45am-12pm

You have been uniquely created by God for a time such as this! Bishop Kitoto, who has been in the ministry for over thirty years, will share wisdom on how to intentionally steward our God-given gifts and talents for His purpose in our work and ministry.

6. Created for His Mandate | Fri, Jun 3, 2-3:30pm

Jesus can return anytime – are we ready? Rev Ong will lead us towards alignment with God’s grand purpose for this hour so that we can be charged up to live our lives for what matters most.

Taking hold of the abundant life, together

Led by Rev Ong and Bishop Kitoto, the Night Rallies are open to all. Attendees can expect nights of worship and God’s miraculous restoration in their areas of need.

At Life Conference 2018, Jonathan Seow testified,

“Before Life Conference, I suffered from lower back pain for three weeks. At the Night Rally, there was such a strong impartation of faith and the supernatural. When I got home to take a bath, I realized that my back was no longer hurting. The pain was gone and I could bend without pain!”

The abundant life is not limited to a particular age group. The Youth Track for ages 13-20 and Children’s Track for ages 7-12 are also available (while space lasts) featuring special workshops and fun activities.

In 2018, pre-teen Tristan Ho recounted,

“Thank you, DiscoveryLand teachers! I loved all the games, food, and learning.”

IGNYTEr Lewis How also shared,

“During Life Conference, God reminded me not to be lukewarm in my faith. Despite the challenges I’m going through now, He wants me to be on fire for Him.”

So, take leave on June 2 and 3 and enjoy a getaway with God. Come with your Connect Group, friends, and family to experience God’s refreshing presence in a dynamic atmosphere of worship and the Word. Be energized through engaging conversations during breaks and mealtimes too.

Wisely Ong, a university teaching assistant, eagerly anticipates the conference:

"I want to encounter God in a tangible, intimate, and powerful way, so I am attending Life Conference this year! I want to have the abundant life and live it to the fullest."

Registration is free, and all attendees will receive a limited-edition conference pack. In this year of restoration, it’s time for the church to take hold of the abundant life that God has promised her!

"I want to have the abundant life and live it to the fullest!"

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came so that they would have life and have it abundantly. (John 10:10, NASB)

Check out this Life Conference promo video!


About the Author

Daniel Pang is passionate about being God’s mouthpiece and exhorting people with His Word. He’s currently serving in Campus Ministry, and his favorite color is yellow.

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