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Living an Abundant Life for Christ

Many were refreshed at Life Conference 2021 and spurred to do the work of the Lord with a renewed sense of urgency for revival.

By Jost Png

“Let the child decide how to play the game.” This comment by Brother Joseph Teo during the Fun Games with Children segment was a deviation from the norm where the adult decides. Likewise, this year’s Life Conference where 4,686 participants attended virtually, some individually, others with their families, was not just any church event. It was a time of encountering God’s presence and receiving His blessings and breakthroughs upon our lives. Many who attended went away refreshed and re-energized to live the abundant life that Jesus promised.

Held on June 10 and 11, Life Conference kicked off with Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo’s Live the Abundant Life session. He shared with us four promises of God found in 1 Corinthians 15:35-44, where we can stretch out our hands to receive the promise of resurrection of our perishable body, the promise of inheritance of the kingdom, the promise of rapture where we leave this world behind, and the promise of victory over death and sin. If we want the overflowing abundant life, we must stand firm on the word of God and give of ourselves fully to the work of the Lord.

“Life Conference reframed my understanding on how I can spend time with God and renewed my sense of commitment to God. I have signed up for e-MIT as part of that commitment.” - Jasmine, PL77 (Area Three)

The different guest speakers focused on discipleship, reliance on the Holy Spirit, and a re-commitment to revival.

Reverend Ong Sek Leang taught us how to draw on the living water of God in his Never Thirst Again session and how we can experience earth-shaking revival in Revival Happens Now.

In Reverend Dishan Wikramaratne’s The Gift of Living Water, he preached emphatically to be filled with the Holy Spirit! The abundant life requires us to rely on the Spirit’s power daily so that we can pour out His spirit to others around us.

Hard truths about becoming a disciple of Christ were shared by Pastor Martin Storey. It doesn’t just happen; it requires us to be intentional. The call to commit to discipleship was a commitment to step away from our comfort zones.

“Life Conference was a reminder to keep the faith and love the Lord through our actions.” - Rosaline, Bethany CG (Area Three)

In seeking the abundant life, it is the reliance on the Lord and not in man’s plans, programs, or purposes.

These impactful sessions called many to respond in reflection, re-commitment and renewal towards being a spirit-led people desiring to live the abundant life as His disciples.

The Errors in the Bible discussion also gave clarity that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired, and authoritative Word of God, and we can trust the veracity of the Bible.

Our appetite for God and His word were further whetted as Pastor David Sashi walked us through (quite literally) on his outdoor time alone with God.

Truly time alone with God goes beyond the confines of our rooms!

“I began reading the Bible not as a storybook, but as Scripture. I know that God speaks to me through the Bible. One day as I was doing my devotion, it led me to 1 John 4:21. It says, ‘Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.' At that time, my brother and I had a fight, and it helped me realize that God was asking me to forgive him.” - Charis Tan, United For Christ (IGNYTE)

God also spoke through the fun segments, we were refreshed in the Lord spiritually and physically through the Stay Fit, Songs of Hope, Shape up, Dough, and many others.

“The Life Conference really spoke to me and clarified any doubts I had about God and the Bible. The fun segments, games and the relaxing things were super good and well thought out!” - Charis Tan, United For Christ (IGNYTE)

In the closing session, Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo called on participants to Be Ready, Be Prepared, Be Committed, re-energizing our commitment to living a life for Christ.

“It renewed an urgency for revival in me and a posture of preparedness and commitment to Christ in view of the urgency of the last days.” - Germaine, Ampang CG (Area Three)

Life Conference may have ended but for many of us, it is the start of a journey of being empowered and equipped to live an abundant life and to do the work of the Lord!


You can catch the recordings of Life Conference 2021 sessions at

Reflect & Respond

  • How is your time-alone-with-God? Are you standing firm on His Word?

  • What actions will you take today to live the abundant life and do the work of the Lord?


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