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Zoom Welcome and Prayer

The platform may have changed. But not the desire to connect. The result? Online Guest Reception and Altar Call.

When onsite services shut, different pastors in Trinity were burdened that they could not lead Trinitarians in their response to God the way they could in the onsite altar.

"How to better minister to Trinitarians and connect with folks during this time when services are held online was upon our hearts and minds," said Pastor Gerald Tan. As Executive Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre, Pastor Gerald, who oversees the mobilization of pastors, got the team to pray about it.

The result was the pulling together of the entire IT and Pastoral Operations teams, as well as various pastors and ministers to create an online platform via Zoom.

"The majority of the pastors and ministers hosting the Zoom meetings were unfamiliar with the platform and had to be trained to prepare for the launch. We had favor with Zoom too because an account would usually take a week to approve. In this instance, it took just over an hour," shared Pastor Phebe Ngan, Pastor-in-Charge of Pastoral Operations.

Our online Guest Reception and Altar Call was launched in just two days, on May 9.

Here, our pastors and ministry leaders meet First-Time Visitors via Zoom breakout rooms that allow participants to split from the main Zoom meeting into individual sessions. Ministry Leader Linda Ong, who served in the Guest Reception, described the breakout room as "personal and private", even with a "sense of security, because the attendees are at home".

"Although we may be far away physically, we are only a camera away," she added.

As a user of Zoom herself for work, Linda was not new to Zoom. Neither was she new to connecting with visitors in the Guest Reception. So it was easy for her to use the new platform to connect. And she was glad to serve. As a new platform, the uptake from the congregation was slow at first, Linda recounts. But that did not discourage those serving.

"The Ministry Leaders were eager to serve in the online Guest Reception and online Altar Call when we informed them about it. They understand we are in a new normal," said Pastor Alan See, who looks after the team of Ministry Leaders serving in Pastoral Counselling.

Although the platform for connection has changed in this "new normal", God hasn't. He still desires connection and is still omnipresent. The Holy Spirit can touch someone who is not in the same physical location as the one praying for them.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

On Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Patricia Boo prayed for someone for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Fiona had been prayed for a few times in the past but seemed to be unable to receive it. Resolved to try again, she entered our online Altar Call.

Pastor Patricia cleared any doubts Fiona had and prayed for her. Fiona received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues! She felt a wave of peace fill her too! Without any doubt, the power and presence of the Holy Spirit can be received anywhere, even online!

Divine appointment By divine arrangement, Sister Ong Hui En prayed for her sister's colleague Joan when the latter visited the Guest Reception. She could immediately relate to Joan's burden and the latter immediately felt at ease knowing who Sister Hui En was.

"Joan found the prayer to be apt. I can see she was more relaxed after the prayer. I am thankful to be able to encourage her," shared Sister Hui En.

Receiving Jesus For a few years Sarah had been attending different church events but did not receive Jesus. She did not know that Christianity was about a relationship with Jesus and had thought it was about church attendance, which she could not commit to.

At the invitation of her cousin, Sarah attended Trinity’s online service for the first time, and visited the Guest Reception online.

Sarah was feeling troubled by a medical condition. Ministry Leader Linda Ong shared a personal testimony that was divinely similar to what Sarah was facing. As Linda prayed with Sarah, peace flooded her heart. Sarah decided to accept Jesus as Lord and Linda witnessed Sarah light up with happiness. Sarah is now connect to a Connect Group.

(Names have been changed.)

  • New to our services? Join our online Guest Reception at the end of the service.

  • Need prayer? Join our online Altar Call at the end of the service.

  • Our online services are available on Facebook and Youtube. English services occur every Thu, 7.30pm, Sat, 5pm and Sun, 8.30 and 11am.


Reflect & Respond

  • How has God been unchanging for you in the midst of changes?

  • What stopping you from responding to God in the Guest Reception or Altar Call online?

  • Is there someone you know will be blessed by prayer on the Altar Call online or fellowship in the Guest Reception?



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