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Be Awakened and Receive the Anointing this Pentecost

Attend the online Pentecost sermon series from May 17 to 23, 2021.

Disappointed, discouraged, and burned out?

Desperate for a touch from God?

God desires to bring forth a spiritual awakening and pour out His anointing and power on us.

At the start of the Pentecost sermon series Awakening to Outpouring on Monday, May 17, 2021, Pastor Gerald Tan shared how three Bible characters – Jacob, Elijah, and Isaiah – experienced great spiritual awakening that transformed their lives.

God met Jacob at Bethel and unlocked the supernatural which transformed him. He gave Elijah a refreshing touch which led the prophet to fulfill God’s purposes. Through a powerful vision, Isaiah saw God in all His glory and became keenly aware of his own inadequacy to do anything without Him.

You too can encounter God and be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Throughout this Pentecost week, Monday to Sunday, May 17 to 23, 2021, Trinity is hosting daily online services as part of the Awakening to Outpouring sermon series so that all of us can press in and be touched by the Holy Spirit.

The Book of Acts (Acts 2:3-4) tell us that Pentecost was when the Holy Spirit descended upon believers like tongues of fire. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. Simon Peter too was emboldened by the Spirit and instead of fearing the crowds, he preached to them - and three thousand people were saved that same day!

Do you want a spiritual awakening? Do you want to hear what the Holy Spirit desires to say to you? Do you want to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and live victoriously?

Log in every day for a Holy Spirit encounter.

Awakening to Outpouring

Watch Live on Facebook or YouTube

8pm (SGT) Wednesday, May 19 – The Prophetic Voice: Understanding the Voice of the Spirit of God

by Pastor Janice Chng

8pm (SGT) Thursday, May 20 – Overflowing with the Holy Spirit

by Pastor David Sashi

8pm (SGT) Friday, May 21 – Filled with His Power

by Pastor Gary Chia

5pm (SGT) Saturday, May 22 – Keeping the Fire

by Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo

8.30 & 11am (SGT) Sunday, May 23 – The Great Outpouring

by Pastor Gerald Tan

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