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Dad, I Forgive You

COVID-19 has brought about many limitations. But God is limitless in power, and He paved the way for many to hear the Gospel through Chinese Ministry’s special event featuring local DJ Kelvin Loh.

By Esther Lau, Chinese Ministry

This October, upon the invitation of our Chinese Ministry, Guest Speaker DJ Kelvin Loh from local radio station FM 883 radio shared his life testimony on-site in a special event, 因为有祢 (Because of You), at Trinity@Paya Lebar and Trinity@Bukit Batok.

About 600 attended the event both on-site and online, with 16 indicating they were pre-believers (oikos). We thank God for the many who were encouraged by Kelvin’s testimony, and the three public salvations and one re-dedication that took place.

Because of God, we can forgive

Kelvin testified about how God's love gave him the strength to release forgiveness toward his earthly father. His father had abruptly left the family when Kelvin was a child, leaving him without a father figure. However, Kelvin met the Lord in church, whose love strengthened him at the lowest point of his life.

When Kelvin finally reconnected with his father, his father’s actions only reminded him of the past and left him broken again. Though his father subsequently passed on, Kelvin’s greatest breakthrough came at the funeral when he was able to utter the words, “Dad, I forgive you.”

Because of God, we can receive salvation

Margaret Hsien, a Trinitarian (DEW), testified of how the Holy Spirit orchestrated for her and Dalphine Tan (Area 2) to meet a man named Peter and invite him to the event. “During the first week of October, Dalphine and I did a prayer walk around Dalphine’s store, praying for salvations. Later that week on Friday, I was helping Dalphine to close shop when I saw a man seated alone nearby. I had never seen him before and felt the Lord prompting me to walk over and ask if he knew Jesus.

He introduced himself as Peter and said he was a free thinker. However, he listened attentively as I shared the Gospel with him and how many local artistes had found healing and joy in Christ.

He said he was not ready to accept Jesus, so I entrusted his salvation to the Lord, prayed a blessing upon him and his family, and left.

The next day, he unexpectedly stopped by at Dalphine's shop where I worked at and allowed me to continue sharing with him about Jesus. I felt the presence of God, and amazingly, no customer disturbed us during my sharing. After two hours had passed, he gave his life to Christ and said the sinner’s prayer – Hallelujah! Dalphine was also there and invited Peter to attend Chinese Ministry’s event with us. That evening, Peter attended and stood up publicly to receive salvation. All glory to God!”

Pastor Wan Tat Liong giving the call for salvation at Trinity@Paya Lebar

Lee Shwu Ying, a Chinese Ministry leader, also shared her testimony of connecting with a first-time visitor, Mr. Lee. He filled out a Connect Card at the event and was later contacted by Shwu Ying. Though he did not answer his phone at first, she pressed on in calling and soon connected with him. As they conversed, she found out Lee had said the sinner’s prayer during the event but did not raise his hand when Pastor Wan Tat Liong (Bi-vocational Pastor in Chinese Ministry) gave the call for salvation at Trinity@Bukit Batok. Shwu Ying was blessed to hear this and assure Lee of his salvation.

Truly, God works behind the scenes even when we do not initially see it!

A Trinitarian (who wishes to remain anonymous) brought his parents to the event and believes that a seed of faith has been sown in his mother’s heart. His mother was touched and moved to tears when Kelvin shared how God enabled him to forgive his father at his father’s funeral. Like Kelvin, his mother did not share a close relationship with her late father. She said, “It’s impossible for a person to forgive someone like that; it must be God who helped him.”

Because of God, we can look forward to the future

God is already in the future. As Trinity’s Chinese Ministry continues to hold evangelistic events (about four per year), He will multiply opportunities to invite oikos, our pre-believing loved ones. The greatest blessing is seeing them saved and enjoying an abundant, free life in Christ.

Do keep a lookout for the upcoming Chinese Ministry event during Christmas!

Pastor Christina Onn, Chinese Ministry Overseer, with Kelvin at Trinity@Paya Lebar


Reflect & Respond

  • Have you personally experienced God’s forgiveness? How can you demonstrate that to someone in your life?

  • Do you know a Chinese speaker who has not received Christ yet? Pray for an opportunity to share your testimony with them, and invite them to our next Chinese Ministry evangelistic event!


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