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Don't Say Bojio!

Trinity's Campus Ministry offers an exciting line-up of summer activities.

By Campus Ministry Pastoral Team

Summer has always been a time when university students looked forward to – a time for internships, summer jobs, relaxation, and a chance to learn new skills.

In spite of the changes brought on by COVID-19, Campus students went all out to jio (invite) Connect Group members and 132 oikos to five exciting activities over the summer holidays (May 15-August 7).

Getting fit with FitSiol!

Twelve weeks of weekly challenges, workouts, and videos of cooking and health tips were no small feat. But no pain, no gain! Students also caught the heart of connecting with one another against all odds – building and expanding the biblical community with 131 oikos joining us for the first time.

  • “FitSiol provided many opportunities for us to bond through the different activities, especially the bingo challenge. It was a time of strengthening our unity and friendship. I’m grateful for such a fun and meaningful initiative!” – Laura Tan (Year 1, SIM)

Worship and empowerment through PowerLah!

Students gathered for a time of weekly worship and empowerment sessions on Zoom – lifting up the name of Jesus and learning God’s intent for them to thrive in every aspect of their lives

  • Through the sessions with the different pastors, I received emotional counsel and many practical toolkits with real-life applications." – Marcus Leow (Year 1, NTU)

Join me to PlayLeh!

Nine Campus students and graduates came together to create board games that teach godly values. We’re excited for the day that the vision of these games being played in every Connect Group will come to pass!

  • “There were several times when we were struggling to make progress. But God provided divine inspiration. It was a reminder of how He reveals His limitlessness in the moments when we are limited.” – Ruth Tan (SMU, Year 2)

Glorifying God with guitars!

Nineteen Campus students gave their summer to learn how to play the guitar so that they could lead or support the Glorify segment of their small group meetings.

  • “I was blessed by the guitar lessons as it gave me the opportunity to pick up a skill which I have always wanted to learn. The lessons did more than teach me about the technicalities. It also taught me about the heart of worship.” – Joseph Cheng (NUS, Year 2)

Heart to hands

Seventeen Campus students and one oikos experienced the joy of teaching and spending time with children through a partnership with Care Community Services Society (CCSS).

  • “Volunteering with CCSS was rewarding and heartening. I never imagined that I could volunteer in the midst of the Circuit Breaker. There’s a joy that fills me after every session because I’m confident that I have impacted the child’s life! – Charis Chong, SUTD, Y2

We are so excited to see what is in store for next summer. Stay tuned, and don’t say bojio (never invite) ah!


Reflect & Respond

  • Think of a person you have not connected with over the past year. What can you do to reconnect and strengthen the relationship?

  • How has being in a biblical community helped you in growing your relationship with God?

  • Be part of a Connect Group today! Sign up on our Trinity App or through our website here. The Trinity App is available on App Store or Google Play Store.



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