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Freed to Be Brave

“From Brave, I saw that I don’t have to be influenced by other people’s remarks but just be myself and trust God in whatever I do.” DiscoveryLand’s original drama-musical drew hundreds of children to God’s love as they grasped His power available to them.

God has a special place in His heart for children. He desires to raise up a fearless generation who knows Him personally and walks courageously from an early age.

In sync with this heartbeat, DiscoveryLand (Trinity’s Children’s Ministry) launched Brave, its first drama-musical event on Nov 13 and 14, 2021.

More than 350 children attended with many testifying they were set free from fear!

Sarah May, 11, shared, “From Brave, I saw that I don’t have to be influenced by other people’s remarks but just be myself and trust God in whatever we do. The movie inspired me, and I enjoyed watching it.”

The musical’s plot centered around four friends who formed a band, B.O.L.D., that participated in a musical competition. Together, these friends overcame past hurts, and individual fears of inadequacy and criticism by trusting that God would go before them. They sang, “God of every valley, here with You, You make me brave.”

James, six, remarked after watching the showcase of Brave, “I am afraid when I play the piano and how people look at me. Today, I learned to be brave and courageous. Next time I am afraid, I will pray and ask God to make me brave.”

Felicia, 11, commented, “I am very shy, but I learned that God is always in control. I will remember that God will give me confidence.”

Throughout Trinity’s classrooms, children were readily on their feet, with elation and mirth filling each room as they played team games such as Sound Hunt, Pop Song Charades, and Musicianaire for fun prizes.

The lively event created opportunities for first-time visitors to bond with their friends and most importantly, be introduced to Jesus’ amazing love during the sharing of the Word.

Seven-year-old Ewan testified, “I invited [my friend] James to church, and he accepted Jesus!”

Twenty-one children who visited for the first-time received Jesus after hearing the Gospel. Their hearts were open; the harvest is ripe!

Young and Bold Witnesses

True to the event’s name, many children had bravely invited friends. Isaiah joyously handed out event cards to classmates, inviting them to attend Brave at either Trinity@Paya Lebar or Trinity@Bukit Batok.

To his own mother’s surprise, he even boldly approached a classmate’s mother to share the event details.

“Despite being only a kindergartener, he has been relentless and intentional in reaching out. Since attending Trinity, he has been ‘on fire,’ and I find he is even more courageous than adults!” shared Valerie Ong, a family friend of Isaiah.

Gabriel invited a female classmate to Brave, who brought along her younger brother and mother to church. All were pre-believers and first-time visitors.

Her mother intended to simply drop off her children, but Pastor Kah Fei Chung, Pastor in-charge of DiscoveryLand, asked if she was interested in attending the main service and she agreed.

“She was touched by the sermon and even raised her hand during the time of prayer. When Brave was over, her daughter excitedly told her mom she hopes to return to church! Seeds are sown,” shared Janice, a DiscoveryLand volunteer.

Children are a rich heritage from the Lord and "like arrows in the hand of a warrior." (Psalms 127:4)

By God’s grace, they will continue to rise in faith. We pray they continue to depend on Him for everything and increase in Godly courage.

As six-year-old Jewel well-stated, “Being brave is not only about being brave. To be brave, you need great help from God.”


Reflect & Respond

  • How has God inspired you to be brave? How can you share your testimony with others to increase their Godly courage?

  • Are there children in your sphere of influence who have yet to know Christ? Invite them to encounter the love of God at DiscoveryLand's upcoming Christmas special, "Christmas in Fruitasia" happening on Dec 17, 18, & 24!


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