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God Builds My House as I Build His

For Janice, giving is not an obligation – it’s an opportunity to see God’s amazing provision for her family.

By Janice Ng, Area 5

I have been a Trinitarian 33 years now and counting, and Vision Month is always an exciting time for me. Growing up in Trinity since 1988, I was part of the giving and transformation of our church, which began as a single bungalow house at 21 Adam Road.

Original bungalow building at 21 Adam Road

Even as a child in Sunday School (now called DiscoveryLand), I witnessed Trinitarians’ obedience in paving the way for us to rent venues such as World Trade Centre and SLF Building to finally where we are today, a place of our own. I am a beneficiary of their generosity, spurring me to carry on this heritage of building God’s house for the generations to come.

Sunday School children singing in Trinity’s main service (Janice pictured extreme right)

During Vision Month, I feel honored and privileged to be part of God’s purposes, specifically in giving towards the building of my local church. However, I admit that learning to obey God financially was not always easy. Coming from a poor family, there were moments I feared lack and tried to reason myself out from giving.

Janice (third from left, second row) at Trinity’s youth camp in 1997

But Trinity challenged my faith in this area and God changed my perspective.

Instead of viewing my offering as an obligation to God, God showed me that participating in Vision Month was a beautiful opportunity to experience His blessings. It also became an invaluable time for me to reflect on the question, “Am I living with a kingdom perspective in the way I prioritize my resources?” Each time I obeyed and aligned my priorities with God’s kingdom, I experienced new levels of provision.

Janice with her husband, Yubin

Today I have a family of my own, and I thank God for a spouse who shares similar values in sowing financially. Amazingly, there were times God would place specific figures in our hearts to sow during Vision Month. Without telling each another, we sought God individually and penned down the amounts on our Faith Promise Cards during Vision Weekend services. When we revealed the amounts to each other and saw both were identical, we knew God brought about the alignment. These were precious assurances to us that God was leading us in our giving endeavors.

As our family grew, there were times we felt the strain of being the sandwiched generation – managing childcare and helper issues, aging parents on both sides, and even meeting the needs of our extended families. Despite this, we resolved as a couple to continue prioritizing God’s house. At the onset, our resources looked stretched. However, as we acknowledged God’s goodness to us and continued to sow the first fruits of not just our paychecks, but our tenancy agreements and bonuses as well, we experienced God’s overflow! By His grace, we will continue to give.

Janice and her family

I thank God for my spiritual family and home in Trinity, where God laid a foundation in me to give by faith and trust in His faithfulness. Now we aim to model that for our children so that they can also experience this growth in their walks with God. As a family during our times of prayer or chats over meals, we recount testimonies of how God takes care of our needs.

I do not take for granted His blessings, which include taking care of all my family affairs such as providing a great helper who just agreed to renew her contract with us, tenancy renewals ahead of schedule, and special arrangements that allow us to take care of our dependents, young and old. When I sought to build God’s kingdom and house in whatever small ways I knew indeed, God met my needs and provided for me and my household, financially and far beyond.


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