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Heaven Came Down as Our Prayers Went Up

More than 500 gathered for the first on-site Church Prayer Meeting in 18 months, inspiring bold faith and releasing the power of corporate prayer.

By Jasmine Kolano

I had not attended a physical church prayer meeting in more than a year. I missed corporate prayer but was reluctant to attend Trinity’s first on-site Church Prayer Meeting of the year.

I don’t need to attend because I pray on my own, I told myself. However, a stirring on the inside by the Holy Spirit prompted me to book a seat.

Before prayer meeting started, I went for Pre-Event Testing (PET) and met a Trinitarian named Sharon Goh, Area Four. We spoke about rising COVID-19 cases, and she shared why she still chose to come. “It’s encouraging to see each other, to feel each other’s heartbeat as we pray. When the world is in its darkest hour, all the more the church should have courage, come together, and shine for Jesus.”

We parted ways and I went to check in. Trinity’s foyer was bustling. Typically, midweek prayer meetings are the lowest attended services at any church, but lines had already formed.

I was ushered into the sanctuary and saw hundreds of people seated in ones and twos amid a sea of red seats, waiting eagerly in anticipation. After worship, Pastor Gerald Tan kicked off the service and shared with us what he saw in the spirit:

“I saw the armor of God falling on this congregation, dressing us like knights. As we stand ready to hear the command of the Lord, God will anoint us. Together by faith, we are going to advance the kingdom of God.”

Pastor Gerald pointed out that during this Decade of Expansion, Trinity and the global church faced a pandemic: “The evil spirit operating in Pharaoh has also attempted to work through this virus. The devil seeks to set us back by years through physical and mental bondage. But God has called us to thrive, prosper, and multiply. He has a great inheritance for us. Your destiny cannot be destroyed by the devil. He does not have that kind of power.”

Immediately after, I felt a heaviness lift off the congregation. The lie of the enemy had been exposed:

We were not powerless, but a powerful congregation of believers filled with God’s spirit and life.

Standing by faith, we prayed together in the Spirit and with those beside us.

I saw the church beginning to shine as we prayed.

As Pastor Gerald concluded his sermon, he reminded us that God defeated Pharaoh and delivered His people with a strong and mighty hand. Faith arose in the house as we remembered a faithful God who fights unceasingly on our behalf.

In response, Pastor Eveleen Ng and Sisters Hui En Ong and Jasmin Por led us in “storming the heavens” as we claimed victories over all areas of oppression in our personal lives, the church, and our nation. There was a special emphasis on praying for young people under spiritual and mental attack.

The church interceded for their return to our loving Father, and many were moved to tears. I felt the fervency of the church crying out for lives hurting and lost. The move of God thickened. No one looked tired. People of all ages had their hands lifted high, praising God and asking for His will to be done.

Trinity’s Sanctuary now looked like a magnificent throne room of people coming before the Father in confident expectation. It’s as though Heaven bent down to hear us, assuring us that He was mighty to save.

The prayer meeting concluded with the worship team playing Raise a Hallelujah and attendees proclaiming, “The King is alive!” Thunderous applause and powerful shouts of “Amen!” rippled across the hall.

Prayer meeting was over, and I was reluctant to leave. For the first time in a long time, I saw hundreds of people filled with a radiant, living hope.

I wanted to continue lingering in the glory of God’s Presence.

I wasn’t the only one who felt the same way. On my way home, I met a Trinitarian, Charissa Joy Ng (Children’s Ministry), who shared that she felt the nearness of the Lord’s presence. “Tonight was very powerful. It’s like we ‘turned on the engine’ when we came to exalt God together. I loved that people came not for the hype – but eager and earnest to seek God, stand in the gap, and commit to pray. God is doing a work within us and as a church.”

I went home that night thinking, this is what I was made for: To be in community, to pray in unity and power, and to worship our God who was, who is, and who is to come.

Jesus said to pray that our Father’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and it happened during last Wednesday’s Church Prayer Meeting.

May it happen again on Nov 24, our next monthly Church Prayer Meeting. For those who are reluctant to come as I once was, I pray you will attend and tangibly experience what Jesus meant when He said: “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)


Prayer is power that multiplies when we gather. Don’t miss your encounter! For more information about booking seats for the next Church Prayer Meeting on Nov 24, visit here.

Reflect & Respond

  • Pastor Gerald shared that the spirit of Pharaoh operates through the “killing of identity, control, and intimidation.” Which areas of your life have you experienced this?

  • In your personal times of prayer this month:

    1. Give thanks for the goodness and blessings of God

    2. Surrender bitterness and despair to God

    3. Declare our identity as God’s people

    4. Declare God’s promises and destiny for our lives


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