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Marketplace Thursdays: Building Faith in the Workplace

New Marketplace Thursday services at Trinity@Paya Lebar will empower people to live out their faith at work.

Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo, who has a heart for people in the marketplace, blessed the inaugural service on Aug 26. Having worked in the aviation industry prior to joining the church his full-time, he recalls the challenges of working in a secular environment.

“God has placed you in your workplace for a reason and purpose.”

“The challenges we encounter at the secular workplace are very real and one may find it hard to reconcile with our faith. We may feel that the wearing of ‘spiritual clothing’ is just for the weekend, only to take it off before work on Monday. But God cares about all aspects of our lives and wants to be involved in our work. With His strength, we can spark contagious faith in the workplace.”  


Pastor Dominic emphasized the importance of faith integration. Citing  Biblical leaders Abraham and Paul who were active in the marketplace, he highlighted that their jobs placed them at the crossroads of civilization. There, they glorified God among people of all nationalities and religions.  

In his sermon, Pastor Gerald Tan assured believers that as they navigate challenges in the workplace, they carry God’s favor, protection and anointing – found in the blessings of Deuteronomy 28.

The team behind the Marketplace Thursday service were strategically chosen for their background in the marketplace in a wide range of industries.

Pastor Allen Loh, Pastor in-charge, has diverse marketplace experience. He previously held senior management roles in listed and non-listed companies in the areas of finance, retail, media, sustainable development, and start-ups.

“Of the 52 parables of Jesus, 45 had a workplace context. It's clear that the marketplace touches every person on earth. Our team sees this service as a platform to empower believers weekly to impact their marketplaces and see transformation, with their colleagues, business contacts, and friends getting saved,” elaborated Pastor Allen.

Jean Lor, a civil service employee, felt that the relevance of Thursday’s service would be a good opportunity to bring her co-workers. “I’ve been wanting to reach out to them with the Gospel, and I’m hoping that future services will address topics such as the struggles we face in the workplace so that I can invite them.”

Sarah Lim, who is currently looking for a job, came to service seeking a word from God. “It was refreshing to hear that God has a purpose for us in the marketplace, to be salt and light. It was nice bumping into my friend from Connect Group, too! My takeaway is that service is for everyone who wants to hear what God has to say to them on a personal level, and how to live their lives at work accordingly.”

Be blessed at Marketplace Thursday! Services are held on-site weekly at Trinity@Paya Lebar with PET provided. We welcome you to join us. To book your seat, click here.


Reflect & Respond

  • When was it challenging for you to live out your faith in the workplace? How did you overcome?

  • Are there coworkers you hope to reach for Christ? How can you show care for them and glorify Jesus in your workplace?


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