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New Members Get Special Welcome

Trinity holds its first virtual membership service

Conducted after worship and before the preaching of the Word, Church Membership Service is a time where we rejoice in the expansion of the Trinity family.

Traditionally done at Trinity@Paya Lebar’s Sanctuary, holding this special segment during weekend service is a physical representation of the covenantal devotion that Christians are to have towards one another.

While gatherings have been downsized and moved online, it did not stop people from meeting the requirements for membership. And the church honored their dedication by holding a special Church Membership Service at Theaterette 2 – pre-recorded and shown during service on the weekend of September 12/13.

Joined by Trinity’s pastoral and ministerial staff and board of directors, Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo formally welcomed 25 people into the fold. Besides congratulating them on joining this body of believers, he exhorted them to continue in God’s prophetic destination for them.

May they experience the fullness of God’s blessings in their lives. Welcome to the family!


Want to join the Trinity family? Click here to download the application form!




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