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Trinity Academy and Life Skills Seminar Go Online

Great engagement. Fantastic enrollment. A successful start to online learning in Trinity!

By Kristine Lee

For the first time, Trinity Academy and Life Skills Seminar went online in June 2020 with How to Study the Bible and Networking for Career Success. We caught up with Pastor Wendy Chang, Director of Trinity Academy to find out more.

1. Why go online?

Plans were already in motion for some time for Trinity Academy and Life Skills Seminar to go online. COVID-19 merely brought the plans forward.

Trinity Academy has always been a platform to disciple and empower Trinitarians to become a Strategic Leader with a ministry. Our Life Skills Seminars have always been a platform for Trinitarians to Care and Connect with their friends by offering relevant courses. That hasn't changed. Only an additional platform has been introduced.

With people experiencing restricted movement and spending more time at home, it was a good time to launch the online classes.

2. Were there any challenges?

We had April and May to re-tool some of the classes. This will be an ongoing process. We sprang into action by researching online engagement methods, learning from other online classes, and seeking advice from educators. We were blessed to have some lay people who have the expertise and experience in online learning to come alongside us.

New set-up for new teaching platform

It was the team's first time conducting online classes. But we are blessed to have pastors who are willing to learn and grow new skills, on top of being multi-talented and creative. The team spent a lot of time praying, brainstorming and working out the content together.

It was amazing to see God birth so many creative ideas in the team and gifts to each team member that function very well together. This team is one of the best team I can ask for – the synergy, the heart for the church and their readiness to take on new tasks is unparalleled.

3. Online vs onsite. Is there a difference and will there still be onsite learning?

(Pictured above: interacting with learners.)

Online learning can be a convenient way for learners to engage. Some teaching portions can be done offsite, giving flexibility for learners to engage content at their own time and pace. But onsite engagement is still needed. There is place for community engagement and experiential learning for onsite classes. We may adopt a blended approach in the future.

4. Any other thanksgiving?

We expected a high registration rate because of the posture of Trinitarians to want to grow. But when the number hit more than 900, and we had to turn people away. We are not happy to turn people away but knowing that many will be empowered through our labor blesses our hearts. We are blessed to hear that many Trinitarians are taking personal responsibility to grow in the Word, pray more and read up more books. This is a sign of a healthy church.

What others are saying

"Despite being an online platform, the pastors' enthusiasm and creativity made it engaging and interactive. From Pastor Patsy's warmth in welcoming the 800+ participants, to Pastor Pris's personal sharing of how she reads the Bible, and Pastor David's clarity in introducing the 'Observation' aspect of the Induction Bible Study method, all made learning really enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the video where various pastors and ministerial staff shared their TAWG journeys, and also the practice segment where we were immediately able to put into practice what we have learned! Can't wait for the next sessions!" - Ann Loh

"It was very engaging. The practical steps taught were good. The teaching was easy to understand. And I was working while tuning in to learn!" - Everdene Chua

"The class was very interactive although only one person was speaking. I enjoyed the class. I was also reminded to set aside time and be disciplined to study and dig deeper into God's Word, in addition to TAWG." - Joanna Chan

"The points and explanations by the pastors were very clear, and the activities/trivia complemented the learning." - June Teh


Reflect & Respond

  • How has your posture for growth been this year?

  • What is one area you have grown in this year, or one area you can ask God to help you grow in?

  • Care and connect a friend to the Life Skills Seminar happening this Sat, Jun 26, 3-4.30pm. Download the eflyer and register here. Sign up for our next Trinity Academy online class Breaking Through in Prayer here.


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