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Pastor Dominic Opens Up on Life Outside Ministry

He is, after all, human and real. From playing pranks on his staff to suffering separation anxiety when his daughter left for overseas studies, Pastor Dominic reveals all.

This month, Trinity’s Instagram and Facebook followers submitted both fun and serious questions to Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo in honor of his 60th birthday. His thoughtful responses reveal he’s more than just a pastor: he’s friendly, human, and real.


1. Pastor Dom, what's a day in the office like for you?

I usually make my rounds in Trinity's office in the mornings. I treasure the time I spend with my pastors and staff while in Singapore, so I like to interact with them whenever I am in the office.  A good part of my day is taken up by my pastoral work besides overseeing church-wide matters. I just finished a meeting on the selection of toilet seats for the upcoming Trinity@Choa Chu Kang building – that’s something you probably never thought a pastor would do! I want to make sure they are comfortable and will blend in with the church’s theme and design. Once the workday ends, I’ll be off to pick up my son for an errand we need to run together.

Pastor Dom (left) enjoying a meal with Trinity’s pastors and staff, April 2021

2. We heard you’re traveling again! Speaking of traveling…of all the places you’ve been to, what’s been your  favorite  meal? 

In Colombia, I had Sovre Barriga – beef stomach. It is super tender and the spices give it an incredible kick. The weirdest meal I’ve had was in Macau when a pastor specially ordered a steamed omelette for me with many bluish-greenish looking strings in it. I found out later they were steamed rice worms! When I took the first bite, the worms squirted into my mouth…and I had no choice but to swallow it. That was almost as strange as being served snake gallbladder in Taiwan. But all these things are delicacies in their respective countries.

3. What’s something you wouldn’t mind eating for three days straight? 

Chicken Rice or Char Kway Teow. Those foods will always remind me of home.  

4. Please crack some funny jokes! 

Come for my sermons! Besides jokes, I’ve been known to pull some pretty good surprises on my staff in the office... (see the photo below!)

Pastor Dom surprising Trinity's staff with a giant teddy bear! (Photo taken pre-pandemic)

5. What’s something surprising about you that most people don’t know about?

I am actually an introvert (laughs). I am recharged after I have my me time, which is why I enjoy long drives or flights, and do not mind serving Stay-Home Notices (SHN). I am comfortable alone and taking time off when it’s just me and the Lord.   

6. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I could be mischievous, and maybe that’s why I wanted to be a policeman – so that I could enforce the law!

7. How did you first become a Liverpool fan? 

Pastor Dom wearing his Liverpool jersey in Trinity's office (photo taken pre-pandemic)

In 1974, on a black-and-white TV, was when I first watched them play. I was so impressed with their anthem and the way they played on the field that I’ve been a fan ever since. My favorite Liverpool season to date was in 2005 when they won a championship on the brink of defeat.  

8. What has been your most vulnerable moment?

When I dropped off my first child, Natalie, in Brisbane for university, I cried on the drive back to the airport, in the airport lounge, and on the seven-hour flight home to Singapore. Even a flight attendant got concerned and asked me if I was alright. For many parents, parting with our children is always more difficult than it seems. I needed to learn that her Heavenly Father would take better care of her than I could.

Pastor Dom with his wife, Chin Inn (right), and their two children, Natalie and Matthaeus

9. How long have you been in ministry?

The early days of Pastor Dom's ministry

I joined Trinity full-time in 1985 – that makes it 36 years!

10. What word comes to mind when you hear the word, "Pastor"? 

A servant-leader.

11. Are you friends with other megachurch pastors  in Singapore? 

Of course! Among them is Pastor Kong Hee. We share passions in the ministry to see the kingdom of God established and people to come and know Christ. It’s crucial for pastors to support each other, in friendship and prayer.   

12. What makes you the most proud about Trinity’s pastors? 

They are extravagant givers of themselves to the Lord and the ministry. They have a deep desire to honor  God in all that they do.  

13. What has been your favorite encounter with the Lord? 

All encounters with the Lord are special. When I feel Him holding my hand, or when He meets me in my sleep and downloads sermons to share with the church – those are precious moments. He is my Shepherd, and I am grateful whenever He comes to assure me of the direction for Trinity.  

14. If you had the chance to talk to the Lord face to face  over a meal, what question would you like to ask him? 

That’s a really good question. When I was younger, I used to have a lot of burning questions – both Biblical and philosophical – that I wanted to ask the Lord, such as "Why does He allow suffering?”, “Why did He accept Abel’s sacrifice instead of Cain’s?” and "Why was Elijah taken up and not another prophet?”  But these are no longer questions I have because God has answered them throughout my journey of faith. Now, I come to Him to simply enjoy His Presence.  

15. How are you able to stay so positive? 

Pastor Dom sharing a fun moment with Pastor Beatrice Kang (left)

I realized early in life that being positive is a personal choice. I could choose to be sad or happy, negative or positive. I decided then I’d choose to be happy, positive, impactful, and infectious. I’m glad the Holy Spirit has empowered my decision.  

16. How do you lead this AMAZING CHURCH?

I lead Trinity by multiplying myself in the lives of our pastors. What does this mean? I believe I’m called to lead by setting an example for future pastors and developing their potentials. As I further guide them, they arise in their ability to lead. Their success is my success, and together, we enjoy the fruits of Trinity’s growing ministry.


Reflect & Respond

  • Pastor Dominic requests prayer for God's favor, wisdom, and continual guidance for him and his family. How can you keep them in your prayers?

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