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IGNYTErs Arise in the Prophetic

A new shift is stirring the hearts of God's mighty warriors!

By Claire Boon

“Can these dry bones live?”

Just as God asked this of Ezekiel more than 2,500 years ago, IGNYTErs were challenged to ask themselves:

“Can our Poly ministry arise and be an army for God in this generation?

With that question in mind, the Poly Conference committee sought the Lord, and April’s conference themed Prophesy – See the Army Arise, was birthed, believing it would bring forth a great shift in IGNYTErs as God raises a prophetic generation that will arise as an army for His purposes.

Held from April 4 to 7, 2021, IGNYTE’s first Poly Conference saw more than 100 students testify to the undeniable move of God in their midst as they believed and prophesied a new season over their lives and ministry.

The Poly Conference was for Polytechnic and ITE students ages 17-19.

Day 0 began with a night rally on Resurrection Sunday. Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo released a powerful, timely word from Ezekiel 37:1-14 that caused many participants to confront issues in their hearts and experience a spiritual turning point.

Many students responded with out-stretched arms as their hearts were touched and set ablaze by God.

It was evident that this was not any ordinary conference, but one where God was stirring up a new thing in this generation. 

From Days 1 to 3, students attended services that included an Introduction to the Prophetic by Pastors Janice Chng and David Sashi, and workshops such as Prophetic Ministries and Purity and the Prophetic led by Trinity’s ministerial staff.

Young people were activated to arise boldly in the prophetic and empowered to be a pure vessel for God’s calling!

Ewen Lim, age 16, reflects on what he caught in his spirit:

“In the Poly Conference during the Prophetic Ministries workshop, God showed me several accurate visions for several friends. The visions were so accurate that I felt so shocked and happy at the same time. It further solidified the fact that God was real and He was giving me a purpose to prophesy and speak life into those around me.

At a young age, I’ve always wanted to prophesy. Now, God has made me more sensitive to His voice. Through the visions, I am reminded of God's love for us and for His people. No matter how far we may be from God, God still cares for us, loves us very much, and wants us to come back to Him.

This whole experience was so surreal and exciting as I have not been close to God for a very long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Being equipped to prophesy was somewhat like a new beginning for me, like a fresh start. The feelings I had during the conference cannot be expressed by words as God’s love and presence were so overwhelming. I will forever cherish these moments. Going forward, I am changed, knowing how real God is in my life.”

Throughout Poly Conference 2021, God poured out His love for the IGNYTErs and gave them a fresh spirit to love Him wholeheartedly without being held back by their past sins and fears. Many saw strongholds being broken as they learnt the power of surrendering whatever is ungodly to Him, so that He could begin a new work in their lives.

Sister Rachel Chua, age 21, IGNYTE Leader, shares how Poly Conference 2021 sparked her breakthrough:

“Before going to Poly Conference, I had been seeking God for a personal breakthrough in my life for several months. I felt as though I had lost my joy and passion for seeking and serving the Lord and I could not figure out why. I went for the conference not knowing what to expect. Through the sermons preached, the prayers uttered, and the words spoken over my life, God began to surface dreams and visions that I had buried and swept to the back of my mind over time.

God revealed that these were some of the dry bones in my life that needed to come alive once again. I have encountered God in such a deep and personal manner. It has revived my heart to desire for more of God in my life and renewed my passion for impacting His people.”

Not only were IGNYTErs moved by the presence of God and His power, oikos (friends brought by IGNYTErs) too experienced the love of the Father as they witnessed His redeeming work.

Oakar Aung, age 21, was so touched by the love of God that he gave his life to Jesus!

“Poly Conference was my first ever church event, so I came in with walls guarding my heart. I stepped into an unknown environment with my own goals and objectives. I simply went to seek answers to questions that no one could answer for me. Instead, I experienced the hand of God reaching out to me. Now I know that God will never turn away from me and I am never alone. In Him, I am always enough.”

The work that God has done during the conference does not stop here. This is merely the start of the revival and new thing God is doing in IGNYTE ministry.

May we not forget what He has revealed to us but hold it close to our hearts, spurring us on to grow deeper in love with our Father and strengthening our relationship with Him.

May we truly see the army of our generation arise as mighty warriors of Christ!


Reflect & Respond

  • What are the 'dry bones' in your life that God wants to resurrect?

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