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Trinity welcomes new Regional Center in the UK

As of May 14, 2023, Connect Church UK became Trinity@Birmingham, one of Trinity Christian Centre’s overseas regional centers.

By Jeanette Kwek

Lead Pastor Gerald Tan joined Pastor Kirk McAtear (formerly Senior Pastor of Connect Church UK), Center Pastor of Trinity@Birmingham, to make this announcement on May 14, 2023 in Birmingham.

Joining Pastor Kirk to pastor Trinity@Birmingham is a team of local pastors – Pastor Tracee McAtear, Pastor Simon Lakin and Pastor Matthew Hopley, now part of Trinity’s pastoral team.

The church comes under the covering of Trinity, moving from friends to family.

Through his time in the M2 network (led by Trinity’s former Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo) and having ministered in Trinity in Singapore and the overseas regional centers, Pastor Kirk acknowledges the leadership anointing of Trinity and has felt that Trinity is in a position to guide the church.

Pastor Kirk and Pastor Dominic (centre) at 'Promised!' Church Camp 2014.

He was also impressed with Trinity’s willingness to share with Connect Church wisdom and leadership principles, with no strings attached over the past 11 years.

Becoming Trinity@Birmingham moves the relationship from an individual to the church level. It is no longer just him receiving ministerial impartation, but the entire church comes under the covering of Trinity, moving from friends to family.

I'm overwhelmed by God's goodness and faithfulness in this journey.

Established in 1940 as the 2nd Assemblies of God church in Birmingham, Connect Church UK was formerly known as Glad Tidings Hall, Calvary Temple Church and Kings Christian Centre. It was renamed as Connect Church UK when Pastor Kirk and Pastor Tracee became senior pastors.

Trinity has always been a global church.

Around nine months ago, Pastor Kirk and Pastor Tracee initiated the conversation about Connect Church UK joining the Trinity family. The decision to agree to the request emerged after months of prayers and dialogues, and in consultation with the Board and Leadership Team.

Pastor Kirk, Pastor Gerald, Pastor Tracee (from right to left)

Lead Pastor Gerald Tan remarked,

"I’m overwhelmed by God’s goodness and faithfulness in this journey. Trinity has always been a global church. God has always planted in our hearts the blessedness to be able to be a blessing to the nations, not by our abilities but His grace and mercy."

Pastor Gerald at Trinity@Birmingham, May 14, 2023.

He shared how nine months is the gestation period for a baby to be formed,

"The Lord spoke to me that this regional center will become an influence and impact, a doorway not just to the UK but all of Europe. That’s what I believe God is going to do through Trinity@Birmingham."

Trinity@Birmingham Vision Service, May 14, 2023.

At Watchnight Service 2022, the prophetic word for Trinity Christian Centre that was declared into 2023 is the Year of Unprecedented Increase. Pastor Gerald exhorted Trinitarians through the scripture in Joshua 3 to be positioned for increase (Page 36).

Pastor Gerald Tan at Watchnight Service 2022.

Unprecedented increase means going where we have not gone before. One thing we do know, God’s orchestration to bring to pass this new season reinforces His call upon Trinity to impact our world as a global church.

This Regional Center will become an influence and impact, a doorway not just to the UK but all of Europe.

To whom much is given, much is expected, be it stepping into new grounds or building homes for the harvest, whether it is Birmingham today, or another city tomorrow or next year.

More updates will come on our regional centers in the months ahead. Let’s ready ourselves for the increase!

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Trinity is a global church with four overseas regional centers and ongoing training and consultation with churches all over the world.


About the Author

Pastor Jeanette Kwek is the Director of Corporate Communications in Trinity Christian Centre. She enjoys reading and a good game of basketball.


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