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Chinese Ministry’s First Short Film: Healing Marriages, Restoring Families

Chinese Ministry’s first short film, Crossing Over (过去。未来), is a realistic look into a turbulent marriage in need of restoration and unconditional love.

Local actors Peter Yu and Evelyn Tan star in Chinese Ministry’s first short film, Crossing Over (过去。未来)

Chinese Ministry had a vision of inspiring hope among Chinese-speaking audiences with their first short film, Crossing Over (过去。未来).

"When I first met with Chinese Ministry’s leadership, we prayed and felt that marriage should be the topic of the script. With divorce being a reality for many today, Pastor Christina Onn (In-Charge of Chinese Ministry) wanted the film to bring the hope of Christ to hurting families,” said Loh Eng Leong, co-screenwriter of Crossing Over.

Eng Leong first began screenwriting for Trinity’s productions in 2008. “In my day job, I demolish buildings as a civil engineer. I also coordinate the scripting, shooting, filming, and editing of commercial property videos. God has used this to help me be a better screenwriter.”

He spent three months writing the script with Tan Ai Leng, a Trinitarian whose background in film directing and production proved to be a tremendous help.

Together, they were determined to write something that was not cliché but convicting.

“Typically, movies about marital breakdown paints one spouse to be at fault. But marriage is more nuanced than that. This led us on a journey to explore character arcs that showed marital strife from both a man and woman’s perspective.

“The bottom line was: What are the common root problems poisoning marriages today, and how can God help couples overcome these issues?” shared Eng Leong.

When Eng Leong and Ai Leng finished co-writing the script, Chinese Ministry began casting for the film. “I invited Singaporean actor Peter Yu to act in this film, and even though he had three other movies waiting for him, he accommodated us,” shared Pastor Christina Onn.

A draft script for Crossing Over (过去。未来), co-written by Loh Eng Leong and Tan Ai Leng

"Evelyn Tan, another wonderful local talent, was captivated by our film’s plot and agreed to act as Peter’s wife (in the film), even though she’s a mother of four children with a full schedule. God gave us great favor.

The rest of our actors came from Trinitarians, me included. If you don’t think pastors can act, think again! (laughs)” said Pastor Christina Onn.

Pastor Wan Tat Liong (Chinese Ministry) acts as Peter’s confidante in Chinese Ministry’s short film Crossing Over

A breakthrough performance

After nine months of praying, planning, and production, Chinese Ministry and Trinity Broadcast jointly showcased Crossing Over (过去。未来).

About 1,200 watched the short film on December 11 and 12, 2021, with two film showings at Cathay Cineplex in West Mall (location of Trinity@Bukit Batok).

Watch the trailer of Crossing Over (过去。未来)

“The story moved audiences, and we thank God for allowing our film to be played in cinemas, just as we had envisioned. There were also more than 180 first-time visitors and 42 salvations! Thank God for all the partnerships that made this happen,” said Sister Mabel Yeong, Ministerial Staff.

In the film, Peter (played by Peter Yu) is plagued with doubts about his wife and himself. As man of the house, Peter felt he was not an adequate provider and struggled with comparison.

Meanwhile, his wife Evelyn (played by Evelyn Tan) could not forgive herself for being unfaithful to Peter in the past and blamed herself for causing pain to her spouse and son.

At the brink of divorce, Peter and Evelyn finally reconcile when they receive a revelation of Christ’s unconditional love.

Anna, a Trinitarian, had been inviting an elderly group of friends to church for a few years. They agreed to come watch Crossing Over when they heard the film was in Chinese, and two women in the group received Christ.

Andrew, Connect Group leader of Recreation Lane, invited a customer and his family to watch the film. Both mother and daughter gave their lives to Jesus during the service. They shared they felt God’s love, presence, and a great sense of peace.

Blessed Services

For further impact, main leads Evelyn Tan and Peter Yu returned to Chinese Ministry’s Blessed Services in December to share their testimonies of God’s restoration in their personal lives. Many were touched.

“A couple going through a tough season in their marriage was invited to attend. Now, they no longer talk about divorce but are looking for ways to cooperate as a family. The Lord is healing relationships,” shared Pastor Christina Onn.

Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo, advisor of the film, believes that God’s restoration is working among families. “God’s desire is to see strong families. He can take relationships that have soured and change their hearts, renewing joy in broken areas.”

“I hope that everyone – especially couples – will see that there is a way to overcome whatever issues they are facing. Christ is the one that can restore them individually and as a couple,” shared Eng Leong.

“Whatever the devil has planned for evil, God will turn around for good. God is working in the background of your marriage.


Crossing Over (过去。未来) will be available online from end January via Trinity Broadcast at

Have a Chinese-speaking friend who needs to hear God’s message of love and hope?

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