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Christmas: A Celebration of God’s Faithfulness

Follow Sarah Han as she reflects on Family Christmas services and the people she met.

The last two years brought many changes to the church with the unpredictable pandemic. This gave gathering on-site for Family Christmas an added touch of joy and gratitude. It was even more significant for families with young children, celebrating their first Family Christmas together in church since the pandemic started.

Alvin and Helen Bok experienced great joy coming with their young son for service on Sunday morning. As compared to attending online, being on-site with the rest of the church enabled them to feel the presence of the Lord.

They were ministered to by the word brought by Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo, titled Christmas is a Big "BUT”. Pastor Dominic shared that Christmas is God's assurance and reassurance over our lives. Just as an angel of the Lord brought a message of great joy in Luke 2:10, we are carriers of God's joy to others.

For Samuel Lee, sharing this good news of joy was his priority. With Family Christmas fully booked, he spent days attempting to secure nine seats for his family and relatives as seats were released. On Christmas Eve, he received his miracle. "I was able to book seats for nine of my family members, all first-time visitors. I pray seeds of God’s love were sown as they heard about Jesus, the reason for the season," shared Samuel.

Samuel (front left) with his family and extended family. Photo taken pre-pandemic.

Family Christmas is symbolic because it’s a time where spiritual families also gather to celebrate and remember Jesus Christ as our Savior.

With members of my CG on Christmas Day!

For Connect Groups (CG) such as mine, coming together for Family Christmas is an important milestone. I joined Living Rivers Campus CG during the pandemic, so this was our first-time attending Family Christmas on-site in the same service. We felt it was very meaningful to celebrate what Jesus has done for us, together.

Growing up as a Christian, I have heard the Christmas story many times, especially about Jesus being born in a manger. But I appreciated that this Family Christmas, the emphasis was different.

Pastor Dominic reminded us that Christmas is not just about a baby born in a manger. Christmas is about how this baby grew to be a Savior, saving the world. He came so that His light can be shown and revealed in our lives.

Jeremy, Megan, Roland, and Pearly Tan

Every family that I met and spoke with shared the same sentiment. Christmas celebrates more than just the birth of Jesus; it is the celebration of the grace and faithfulness He has extended to all mankind. For this reason, Roland and Pearly Tan's family look forward to Family Christmas every year. As they attend service together, they remember God's goodness over their lives.

With Christ being born in some of the darkest hours of Jewish history, Christmas reminds us of divine breakthrough in the midst of dark times, a sign of God's presence, hope, and love.

We thank God that even as 2021 ends with the pandemic still at hand, we can celebrate Jesus Christ our Savior and share His love, grace, and mercy with those around us. Whether we came together as a physical or spiritual family, God has been good and God is always Emmanuel God with us.

About the writer - Sarah, older of two sisters, Trinitarian since birth, serves in Campus and Creative Ministry. Loves chilling at cafes.


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  • What has Christmas meant to you this past year? How can you continue to carry God's message of hope into 2022?

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