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Community in Crisis

Two health crisis and a marriage breakdown, yet Eric Wan found a new calm and community.

Eric with his daughters

My 10-year marriage ended with a sudden divorce. I was left to look after our three young daughters.

Half a year later, while still trying to get my life in balance, I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. Within weeks, life took another hit and I suffered from retina degeneration.

I was overwhelmed with all that was happening. I was sad, angry, worried, lonely and shocked. Why me? Why did all these happen to me? I became very depressed and was unable to sleep well and was often in a daze.

In 2017, a colleague whom I confided my problems in, invited my daughters and me to Trinity. I thought it might be a good environment for my daughters so I brought them to DiscoveryLand.

I attended the adult service and I felt an indescribable peace and comfort. Even though my circumstances were no better, there was this strange calm assurance.

That day, I gave my heart to Jesus.

My family have been attending service regularly since. We have a spiritual family through the Connect Group that has been a great support for my daughters and me. And God has since done marvelous works in our lives!"

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Reflect & Respond

  • How has God calmed you in the midst of a crisis?

  • Has community played a part in your healing? Want to be a part of a community? Click here.

  • How can you be the community to someone in this season?

  • Want to know more about Jesus? Click here to find out more.


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