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Family Communion: Overflowing from On-site to Online

Utilizing every nook and corner of Trinity@Paya Lebar, Family Communion drew hundreds of individuals and families seeking to partake of Holy Communion and remember Christ's faithfulness.

By Edmund Tan Ghim Meng

The year-end Family Communion is a much-cherished tradition in our church. It’s a reflective time where families – both biological and spiritual – gather to thank God for His goodness over the year and prepare ourselves to cross over into the new year.

On-site partaking of communion was not permitted in 2020 due to the pandemic; thus we are even more thankful for the green light to resume in 2021, albeit with safe distancing measures.

Held on December 26 and 31, I found the on-site atmosphere nostalgically familiar. Yet there were distinct differences brought about by the safe-distancing measures – adherence to time slots booked, minimized waiting, many decentralized sites within the church compound for communion proper, and less groups (and people) at each site. Words can never adequately describe the on-site vibe; hence we will visually present the highlights of those two days.

1 Tradition The packaging for the emblems of communion may be different, but the worship, intent, and Spirit stays the same.

2 Days of Ministry A special “thank you” to the many Trinitarians (clergy and laity) who came forth to serve.

Online communion was also conducted on December 31 to specially cater to those who could not book an on-site slot or could not come on-site for other reasons.

3 Generations… …of Trinitarians partaking Communion under the same roof on those two days – the young ones, the younger ones, and the young at heart. Some groups spanned these three generations.

“For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.” (Psalms 100:5)

4 Heartfelt Responses… …to the question, “How do you feel about partaking Family Communion on-site this year?”

“It’s a wonderful feeling. Though we’ve been meeting as a Connect Group (CG) over Zoom, there was a feeling of closeness as we get connected as a (spiritual) family to give thanks and praises together. There’s been lots of challenges over these two years, but God has made this possible. Though the Communion time was short, it meant a lot to us. Two of my CG members present could meet in person for the first time!” – Sheryl, Rosyth CG

“Nothing beats meeting face-to-face and being prayed for in person; the atmosphere is not something that can be replicated online. Also, to paraphrase a verse from Hebrews 10, we think it’s important to encourage one another and never give up meeting together. What started as safety measures should not become a route of convenience.” – See Yeong and Samie, Refiner’s Fire CG

“Feels special in spite of the various safeguards (safe distancing measures). Having been in Trinity for so long, Family Communion is like a family tradition to thank God for the year together, despite everything that’s going on. Would also like to encourage those who can come back on-site to do so.” – Keok Choon, Crossover CG

“It feels great to be able to partake in Communion physically again. For me, Family Communion has always been a reflection on the past year, and coming together face-to-face to pray is an experience that I have always cherished. I thank God that we are able to meet up for this, even after everything that has happened over the past year.” – Ryan, Soar CG, IGNYTE


About the writer Currently with SK323A Connect Group, Edmund has been a Trinitarian since 1995. Married and father of one, he also serves regularly as a Traffic Marshal.

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