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Freed to Walk in Spiritual Authority

Attendees who received a “now” word from God at Prophetic Wednesday on-site services were directed towards paths of wholeness and fruitfulness.

To believe God is alive is to believe that He speaks to us today. Prophetic Wednesday service at Trinity@Paya Lebar was born from this conviction that God wants to speak a “now” word to each attendee.

Different from a general truth, a "now” word is the Lord’s voice illuminating an individual’s heart for whatever they are experiencing in their individual lives, bringing the Bible to life.

Many Trinitarians attending Prophetic Wednesday meetings on-site testified to receiving God’s “now” word during service, which has equipped them to pray, forgive, and stand confidently amid accusations of the enemy.

Empowered with spiritual tools from scripture to activate at their disposal, Trinitarians saw heavenly breakthroughs in challenging areas of their work, family, and thought life. Indeed, God worked on their behalf as they made time to come hear His word though anointed sermons and build up their faith.

"It is our ‘power fuel’ for the week as we hear teachings that free us from matters pressing us down," shares Brigid Pang, a Connect Group (CG) Leader who has been regularly attending Prophetic Wednesday services with her CG members.

Praying with Authority at Work

Jennifer, a health industry trainer and member of Brigid’s CG Bethany@Tampines, saw Prophetic Wednesday’s immediate impact on her work life.

During a service, Jennifer’s eyes were opened to the authority God had given to her as a believer. Standing on the authority she had through Christ, Jennifer decided to pray and submit a challenging work situation to God. The next day, she saw breakthrough as God turned the situation around.

Jennifer’s faith life has taken a positive direction, and she is excited about exercising increased spiritual authority in Christ through prayer.

Emotional Healing from Family Hurts

Chuetun, another member of Bethany@Tampines, experienced divine insight in a Prophetic Wednesday service on overcoming life’s giants: “I had a sudden revelation of a giant in my personal life that I was blind to for 25 years!”

Chuetun heard God speaking to her about the 'giant’ of discouragement and anger she long-felt towards three members of her family. God’s "now” word released her from those negative emotions, enabling her to empathize with those same family members whose words once hurt her. “Immediately, I felt at peace and victorious. God overcame my giant which has stood in the way of loving communication in my family. He’s changed my perspective and given me a new attitude.”

Standing in Authority Amid Spiritual Warfare

Vincent Chua, an educator, takes turns with his wife in looking after their children so that he can attend Prophetic Wednesday services on-site at Trinity@Paya Lebar. He shares what receiving a "now” word felt like at a recent Prophetic Wednesday service:

“The Word of God came to me like a straight arrow as Pastor Janice Chng preached on Acts 12. I realized that during spiritual warfare, the enemy levels lies and accusations against the people of God. But from the Word, I can be protected by the belt of truth from all lies, and the breastplate of righteousness from all accusations.”

Grace Tan, an administrative officer, received a similarly empowering revelation during an intense season of spiritual attack from the enemy: “God spoke loud and clear to me through Pastor David Sashi’s preaching during a Prophetic Wednesday service. As Pastor Sashi illustrated how I was clothed in Jesus’ righteousness, I felt God asking me,

'Do you believe?’

I wept through the sermon, barely able to look up. I realized I had succumbed to lies that I was unclean and unworthy from words the enemy and other people had spoken into my life. But that day, I held the white flag of surrender over my thoughts and chose to believe God’s Word over my own perceptions of reality. In Christ, I am raised up and seated at His right hand in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 2:6)

Over the next few weeks of continuing to attend Prophetic Wednesday services, Grace learned to “resist” the devil by drawing the Sword of the Spirit – the Word of God – and praying aloud the written Word in an act of faith. This is a powerful form of exercising the prophetic that has empowered Grace to declare God’s plans for her life into existence, rather than the enemy’s. She continues to see her thought life transformed.

As believers, we are empowered with God’s Word to rise above our challenges. We must continually yearn to hear God’s voice and direction for us, just as these Trinitarians have shown the good fruits of partnering with God to surrender preconceived notions and thoughts.

As the Lord speaks directly to our hearts, we too can be fortified, encouraged, and reminded of His awesome power and great love. God desires to speak to anyone willing to listen.


Do you desire to see the power of God’s Word released in your life?

Join us every Wed at 8pm for Prophetic Wednesday services ON-SITE at Trinity@Paya Lebar.

Reflect & Respond

  • Do you want to hear God’s voice for a situation happening now in your life?

  • Do you walk in the Godly authority that Christ has given you?


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