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Pastor Dominic: My Mom, My Protector

Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo answers 5 questions about moms and their Godly impact.

By Jasmine Kolano

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

A mom’s heart is gold,

In the family, she’s the glue!

Like a rose, every mother possesses timeless beauty, and her service to the family is a sweet fragrance unto the Lord.

This week, we asked Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo five questions about moms — Check out our interview below!

1. “What is the most impactful memory of your mom?”

Pastor Dominic smiling bright with his mother (left) and wife Chin Inn (right)

Growing up, I used to live next to a family that harassed my siblings and me whenever we walked past their door. One day when I was about seven, our neighbors became violent and tried to come into our home and threatened us with harm. My mom courageously stationed herself at our front door, shielding us children and standing up to our neighbors to protect us!

2. “What is the most memorable Mother's Day celebration you planned?”

I love to cook for my family. For past Mother's Days, I've loved showing my appreciation by cooking a great meal!

Trinitarians, remember when Pastor Dominic cooked beef stew at last year's

3. “Who is your favorite mother figure in the Bible, and what lessons can mothers today draw from her life?”

Some may think of women like Mary, Jesus' mother, or Sarah, the mother who gave birth at 90! But I have always admired the poor Samaritan mother in 1 Kings 17:10. Though she remains nameless, her example is timeless because of :

  • Her sacrifice in preparing bread for her son despite her own distress and hunger

  • Her complete obedience to the words of the prophet Elijah, even though it sounded crazy

  • Her faith in God’s provision which made her a blessing to her entire household

4. “How would you encourage a mother who has prayed for breakthrough but has yet to see it happen?”

God knows about all your sacrifices and is proud of you. He sees you rising early in the morning to get the children ready and toiling through the day till late at night. He sees you caring for them when they are sick. He sees the heartache you go through when they experience set backs or when they go wayward. He is with you as you pray earnestly for your families.

From the life of Hannah, the mother of Samuel, know that God is working behind the scenes. He loves you and your family. You have full access to God’s throne room at all times. Pour out your soul before Him in prayer and praise and receive His peace, wisdom and strength to press on in your situation. He will richly reward you for your faith.

5. “What is your prayer for moms this Mother’s Day?”

May God grant them wisdom and strength - wisdom to know how to carry out their daily motherly responsibilities, and strength to press on in faith to see the fulfillment of God’s destiny for their household!


This Mother's Day, we remember that mothers are not merely chore-doers or caregivers —

God sees them as powerful nurturers and carriers of His faithful love and protection.

Remind your mother that she is dearly loved, greatly favored, and God’s gift to your family.

Need fresh ideas for Mother's Day? Read here.


Reflect & Respond

  • Have you acknowledged the sacrifices made by your mom and appreciated her for it?

  • What can you do to show her that she is dearly loved?


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