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Change Our Clothes Change Our Lives

Clothing represents our attitude and mindsets. As we exchange our thoughts for God’s thoughts, we put on a new ‘wardrobe’ for the season.

We may not think much about the act of changing our clothes but it has great significance as Lead Pastor Dominic emphasized through five Bible characters – Joshua, Joseph, Ruth, Bartimaeus, and Lazarus, at the first weekend of on-site services on Aug 21-22, after the easing of restrictions.

They were facing challenges at different stages of their lives. For Joshua the high priest, it was a life of limitations brought on by the lies and condemnation of Satan. God freed Joshua in the symbolic act of replacing his filthy clothes with clean garments, and he experienced change and new anointing. (Zechariah 3:3-5)

Joseph started with his beautiful cloak but was in prison clothes when his dreams were shattered. By changing his clothes, he too experienced breakthroughs and moved to a new level. (Genesis 41:14)

Ruth was advised by her mother-in-law Naomi to get dressed in her best clothes before meeting her redeemer and future husband Boaz. Ruth left behind her life of hopelessness when she changed out of her widow’s clothes and grasped her fresh start when she changed her clothes. (Ruth 3:3)

Bartimaeus, who was blind, called out to Jesus and when he was summoned threw aside his cloak. He exercised faith and in the symbolic act of throwing aside his cloak, experienced change and embraced his new beginning as Jesus healed him. (Mark 10:50)

Lazarus experienced new life with a fresh start when he discarded his grave clothes as Jesus brought him back to life. (John 11:43-44)

Hear from congregants who were blessed by Pastor Dominic’s sermon and how they, too, moved out of their limitations and experienced new life.

“Pastor Dominic’s message was very powerful. During the altar call, I went down to receive prayer. Memories of past hurts flooded my mind as Pastor Janice Chng prayed over me and described what she saw in her spirit - that I was wearing ‘burial clothing’ and carrying baggage from my past.

God began revealing to me the times from my childhood when I had been rejected. The Holy Spirit prompted me to surrender all these to Him at the altar and remember them no more.

I experienced what Pastor Dominic preached about: the act of putting on God’s ‘new clothing’ for me by letting go of unpleasant memories and replacing it with God’s love.

I felt God’s healing touch as I was set free from past bitterness, rejection and unforgiveness. All glory to Jesus!"

– Indira Devi (above, right with Pastor Janice Chng)

“It was exciting to be back on church premises to worship the Lord corporately.

As nice as it is to have intimate worship with God on our own, the thickness of the presence of God when His people come together to sing His praises is so powerful… the fire of people loving God together is infectious.

I received a very timely Word in service, that God has clothed me in His righteousness through the blood of Christ; yet sometimes as believers, we settle for so much less.

It was a powerful time of response during altar call, to shed clothes of negativity in our lives and don the clothes of God's promises so that we can live in His abundance for our lives.”

– Christopher Thia

We cannot align to the new things of God, until and unless we change our clothes, and that requires us to change our thoughts and our mindset.

If you want to change,

If you want to arise to the next level,

If you want a fresh start,

If you want a fresh anointing,

Remove your old garment and change your clothes!

– Pastor Dominic Yeo

Missed Pastor Dominic’s sermon? Catch it on the Trinity App or click below. Available till end October.


Reflect & Respond

  • What change or new level do you need to lay hold of? What will you do about it?

  • Are you allowing the Word of God to renew your mind? Will you commit to reading God’s Word regularly? Share with a friend to help hold you accountable.


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