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Meeting God Face to Face

On January 7, Trinitarians were undeterred by the inclement weather as they gathered to dedicate the new year unto God.

By Janice Ng

From ministers to individuals and families,

Trinitarians sought the Lord’s face in fresh surrender

One week following Watchnight service, Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo led Trinitarians in the Dedication of 2022.

Pastor Dominic exhorted us to unclutter our lives and get ready for an encounter with God: When God encounters us, we are positioned to be restored for His purposes.

Sharing from Genesis 32:24-30, he zeroed in on a pivotal moment in the life of Jacob. Jacob was alone during one of the darkest seasons of his life when he met God face to face.

In the stillness of the night,
  • God’s voice is the loudest

  • God’s touch is the most tangible

  • God’s light is the brightest

Raymond Loh, Lecturer and Spiritual Parent (XCel Connect Group) said,

“My takeaway is to set aside every distraction to focus, commune, and seek after God. I can establish my very own ‘tent’ to meet with God and speak with Him as a friend. This will be a sacrifice of worship unto Him.”

Pastor Dominic continued to expound that the requisites for restoration are a tenacious hunger and an admission of our weakness and character. Jacob was aware of his personal flaws (even his name means ‘supplanter’ in Hebrew); yet he wrestled with God until daybreak, asking to receive God’s blessing.

In response, God told Jacob, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.” (Genesis 32:28). Israel’s new name in Hebrew refers to a triumphant, princely champion.

God’s spoken word set into motion Jacob’s new destiny. Therefore, our word and confession should be in line with God’s, opening the door for God’s touch and the release of His wonderful restoration.

Despite the pain of a broken hip during the encounter, Jacob held on for a full restoration. “I will not let you go unless you bless me,” he told the Lord (Genesis 32:26). God listened to Jacob, and made him (Israel) into a great nation.

Mary Nelson, Healthcare Consultant, was challenged to hold on to God’s promise of restoration at Dedication Service. She testifies:

“At the time, my left knee was swollen and painful. My meniscus was torn due to a fall. I could not get up or walk without assistance. My doctor said that the only cure was a knee replacement.

When Pastor Dom assured us in his sermon to focus on God’s restoration, I was so open to God’s move in my life and prayed together with Pastor Phebe.

After a few minutes, I sensed the Holy Spirit prompting me to stand up. By faith, I stood up and walked around with no assistance. There was a burning sensation in my left knee. The swelling was completely gone!

Now, I can do things with both knees that I could not do in the past. God gave me two brand-new knees!”

God's restorative power is on the move. As we leave behind the things striving for our attention and come before Jesus with all of our weaknesses, we can encounter Him intimately the same way Jacob did – and meet God face-to-face.

For Loh Leong Chuan, IT (Infrastructure) Manager,

“At Dedication Service, I was reminded about putting aside any distractions when coming before the Lord and to really have fresh hunger for Him.”


About the writer – Janice enjoys shooting hoops with her husband and chasing the shuttle with her Connect Group mates from XCel. Growing up in Trinity since 1988, she admittingly spends too much time in the ballet studio.

Reflect & Respond

  • Has there been an area of shortfall in your life that you need to admit and surrender unto God?

  • What do you need to declutter in order to press-in for a full restoration in God? Be inspired by Pastor Dominic’s full-length sermon, Restored As Princes & Princesses, available on the Trinity App.


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